Payam Parniani

Founder & Creative Director
@Be Real

Payam Parniani is a multiaward-winning employer branding videoproducer and the visionary entrepreneur behind Be Real, a cutting-edge company specializing in Real Talk Employer Branding Videoproduction.

With a keen eye for authenticity and a talent for storytelling, Payam has transformed the landscape of employer branding by producing impactful videos for renowned international companies such as Zeiss and Microsoft.

In an industry often saturated with polished and scripted employee stories, Payam’s unique approach seeks to uncover and highlight the genuine, deep narratives that truly connect people with companies. His mission is clear: to unite what belongs together – talented individuals and the organizations that need them.Payam’s superpower lies in his ability to turn employees into credible brand ambassadors, thus transforming logos into valuable employer brands. He is dedicated to inspiring companies and their (future) employees, fostering authentic and meaningful connections that go beyond mere employment.

Payam and his colleagues are on a significant mission: to cleanse the employer branding world of its inauthenticity. They are committed to making it bullshit-free, ensuring that every story they tell resonates with truth and integrity.